Viseart Highlight Sculpting Palette Review

Sep 26

Viseart Highlight Sculpting Palette Review
Viseart’s latest release includes a new collection of blush palettes along with a highlighting and sculpting palette.  Originally all the palettes were made available exclusively at Muse Beauty Pro, however, the second they popped up on, I had to snag one for myself immediately (together with the blush palette reviewed here). 
As of right now, the highlighting and sculpting palette is also available on  The palette retails for $80 and contains 0.84 oz. of product.  The palettes are free of parabens, petrochemicals, silicone, mineral oil, and gluten. They are the same size physically as Viseart’s eyeshadow palettes (which I absolutely love and use almost daily) and contain the same amount of product. 


Viseart makeup


As soon as both palettes arrived I simply couldn’t wait to start swatching.

This palette includes three soft reflective powder highlighters in crystal, rose-gold and amber. The sculpting shades in fair, medium and deep deliver a matte finish.

The highlighting shades are on the left, while the contouring shades are on the right. The formula used for the highlighters felt extremely nice, smooth and applied beautifully on the face without emphasizing pores (something that is always a huge hit with me personally). However, the formula used for the contour shades felt entirely different – similar, if not identical to the powder blushes (which as mentioned in the blush review wasn’t our favorite due to “blendability” issues).

Read below for images, details and swatches.


viseart makeup


Generally, I found the pigmentation to be great for the highlighters. However, the deeper contour shade gave me similar issues as the powder blushes – I found the pigment somewhat overwhelming and hard to blend down to a natural finish. Given that contour is ½ of the palette, it became a deal breaker for me. Ultimately, I decided this palette wasn’t right for me.


viseart makeup



viseart makeup



Furthermore, I felt that perhaps one of the highlighters should have been matte instead of shimmery to make it a completely usable palette for me. I prefer to set my under eye concealer with a matte finish highlighter like the one from KVD Shade + Light Contour Palette – which is still, hands down, my favorite contour palette to date.

Overall, while I loved the highlighter shades, I could not justify keeping this palette just for those – especially at a price point of $80. I think Viseart’s matte eyeshadow palettes are the Holy Grail of eyeshadows and absolutely worth the price tag attached to them, both blush and the contour palette can be easily skipped for an average consumer.



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