Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

Nov 23

Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

The holiday season is upon us and that means glitter and glow! I figured it would be the perfect time to tell you guys all about my favorite highlighters. Now, I own many, many, MANY highlighters, but I took the time to pick out my five favorite ones. It was a hard task, as I like to say that I love all my babies equally, but I did it. SO here they are!


Top 5 Favorite Highlighters


The first highlighter I will talk about is Natasha Denona’s All over Face+ Body Shimmer Powder in the shade 01 light. I love this highlighter for when I’m having an “I want a subtle glow” day. This baby gives a very delicate illumination that you wont necessarily see from space, but will see when the light hits it just right. I have a special relationship with this highlighter. I have had to repurchase it a few times because my daughter has broken it each and every single time I got a new one. This last one I have she dropped on the floor and I just patched it up J. That should tell you a lot because I don’t keep my stuff out of their drawers due to the little sticky finger bandit, but because I was using it so much, it always somehow ended up in her hands. I also don’t usually repurchase highlighters as I don’t really see a need due to having so many, but this one is just so wonderful that I needed to always have it in my collection.


Top 5 Favorite Highlighters


Fave numero dos is a relatively new one for me, it’s the Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette in Solstice. I have mentioned this palette in a favorites blog before. The glow it provides is amazing. It makes the cheek look like a wet, lit from within, kissed by angels gorgeousness. I highly recommend this baby as it is a really good one and super affordable. Sleek makes these quads in a few different shades suitable for all skin tones. I love when companies do this, makes me want to support them even more.

Another very affordable highlighter that made it into my top five faves is the new Wet n Wild Megaglow Highlighting Gold Bar. The name of this highlighter describes it to the T. It is a very pretty, very affordable, really good gold highlighter. I recommend it for those of you who are just starting out with highlighter and don’t want to invest in an expensive one before you get the hang of it. Plus, its super pretty so WIN WIN!

My fourth fave highlighter is the Makeup Forever Pro Light Fusion in 02. I love this guy! Super gold, goes on smooth, doesn’t accentuate any texture and lasts for hours. This highlighter comes in two colors, a gold and a pink. I have yet to purchase the pink one since I don’t think pink highlighters look good on me, but I think that I will soon cave because the gold one is so good.

Last, but not least, is my number one, most favorite highlighter I own and it’s the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Highlighter in 01 Modern Muse. I have talked about this God of highlighters before and described my love for it. There is just no explaining how wonderful this product is. Unfortunately, this guy was a limited edition piece by Estee Lauder, but if you got your hands on it, you know exactly what I am talking about. In the pan, the highlighter looks dark, but when you apply it to your face… POW, you will glow to the GODS! The product blends in beautifully and seamlessly and does not emphasize any of my texture. A very close second and a good dupe for this guy is Jefree Star’s Skin Frost in King Tut. Both are beautiful and very similar in color, but the Modern Mercury is just a little more sophisticated.

That is all for my top fave highlighters. Get your hands on them if you can, you will not regret it. J



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