Tom Ford “Extreme” & “Ultra Length” Mascara Review

Nov 11

Tom Ford “Extreme” & “Ultra Length” Mascara Review

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara


Hello, my name is Daria and I am a Tom Ford Makeup Junkie. I am also EXTREMELY picky about my mascaras. I like to try them all – anything from drugstore brands to the most high end brands – I simply do not discriminate. I am naturally blessed with long and curly lashes; however, they are VERY light in color. And I often say I like mascara as dark as my soul – PITCH BLACK, intense and VERY dramatic.

I discovered Tom Ford’s Extreme Mascara a few years back during a Tom Ford makeup binge and almost in an instant it became my Holy Grail mascara. The formula is neither too thick nor too dry. I would describe it as the perfect creamy consistency. It takes a few seconds to dry – which personally I love as it allows me to layer as many layers as I’d like without rushing like a mad woman.

Extreme Mascara is available in 2 shades – Raven (black) and Mocha Rush (brownish black). I’ve tried both and always continue to repurchase Raven (strictly a personal preference as I simply love the blackest of the blacks for mascara). The packaging is same as all the Tom Ford Makeup line- beautiful metallic copper with gold lettering.

One of the distinguishing qualities about the Extreme Mascara is the massive size of the brush. It delivers incredible volume and drama to my lashes. It holds up the curl all day long (no need for a curler prior to application). Does not ever smudge, smear or flake on me. It is also extremely comfortable to wear – I have sensitive eyes (hello purple eyeliners I am looking at you – why must you always make me irritated and on the verge of tears) and I am also a contact lenses wearer and this formula does not irritate me one bit.

If you enjoy mascaras that deliver amazing dramatic effects this one is definitely a must try.

Since I was always so happy with the Extreme Mascara I never felt the need to look elsewhere, until by a complete accident I stumbled about the Ultra Length Mascara (of course also by my beloved Tom Ford) while browsing Nordstrom’s online beauty section. I decided it was time for me to test the waters.

Both mascaras retail for $45.00 per tube (definitely on the high end of all mascaras available on the market today). Extreme Mascara contains 0.27oz of product while Ultra Length contains slightly less at 0.20oz. As you can see in the photos it’s even evident with the sizing of the tubes.


Tom Ford Extreme Mascara


I was pretty happy with the performance of the Ultra Length Mascara – it delivered pitch black color (similar to Extreme Mascara) and the promised ultra-length. However, the volume was definitely not quite as intense as it was with the Extreme Mascara (which is to be expected since the intent of this mascara is length).


Tom Ford Extreme Mascara


Next day, I actually decided to layer the 2 mascaras together. First I used 2 coats of the Extreme Mascara and topped it off with one additional coat of the Ultra Length – BOOYA! I was absolutely blown away by the combo of the 2 together.

If you can splurge on both I would highly recommend you checking out both. However, if you are lazy (like I can be at times) and must also pick just one – the clear winner is the Extreme Mascara. Its drama and lashes for days with minimal work – no need for falsies for a daily basis.

If you are on a budget or simply not into higher end mascaras – a great drugstore alternative (not an exact dupe but close enough in performance) that I personally love is Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara.



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