Red Lipsticks Reviews

Dec 17

Red Lipsticks Reviews

Tis the season! The season for everything holiday and that includes holiday makeup looks! Of course there is lots of glitter and shine, but I think that one of the most important makeup products for the holidays has to be the RED LIP.

Those who know me know that I do not shy away from a vibrant lip. I love all color, may it be a bright orange or a loud pink, but red…red holds a special place in my heart. I have many, and I mean MANY red lipsticks, but for this season I have selected my absolute favorites.


Red Lipsticks


The first red is the Guerlain Rouge G Intense Shine Lipstick in 25. I love this lipstick for two reasons. First for its color, which is a dark shiny red, and second for its luxurious feel. This lipstick was my first ever high-end lipstick purchase and it has a sentimental value. Whenever I want to feel extra or have a special holiday event, I always put on this lipstick.


guerlain liptsick red


My second pic is another high-end product and it’s Dolce&Gabbana Fire in 605. This color is a beautiful warm toned red. It pulls a little orange on me and I can wear it in both summer and the colder months. However, I love this color for the holiday season. I love to pair it with a very gold glittery eye. The warm tones in the eye shadow play off of the warm tones of the lipstick and the whole look is pulled together beautifully.


Dolce & Gabbana


My next favorite is, unfortunately, a limited edition and comes from Mac’s Charlotte Olympia collection. It’s a red called Starlett Scarelte and it is beautiful. This lipstick is very similar in color to the Dolce&Gabbana one but unlike the D&G, which is a shiny red, this color is a matte. Also, the pigment is a tiny bit deeper than the D&G but I also love to pair this lipstick with a nice gold eye and a sharp winged eyeliner.




The fourth fave of mine is also by mac, its called Lady Danger. This is a very yellow-based red and I absolutely love it! This color looks wonderful with a nude eye and va va voom lashes, which just happens to be my go to 10 minute holiday look.


lady red


Last, but not least, is a favorite drugstore red, L’oreal Paris Frida’s Red. I love this color so much that I accidently ended up buying it twice.  This is a raspberry red that I love to use when I do a cool colored eye. My favorite way to pair it is with a grey eye or a black smoky eye. It’s also a good red to wear for a day party.


red lipstick


Hope you enjoyed this post on my favorite reds. Like I said, out of all the bright lipsticks, reds are my favorite. I love to wear them all year long, but the Holidays is truly when RED SHINES!



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