Lime Crime Velvetins Liquid Lipstick

Dec 09

Lime Crime Velvetins Liquid Lipstick

On Cyber Monday, Lime Crime came out with the cutest product ever The Velvet-Tins. What they are, are tins in the shape of a rose that include three minis of their best selling Velvetins liquid lipsticks.   There are five tins in all, which you can buy separately for $28 or you can be like me, and purchase the whole set of them for $120.

As mentioned, there are five tins in all, each containing three mini liquid lipsticks. I will begin with the velvet-tin that is called Champagne Rose. The three colors that come in it are Lana, a rusty rose shimmer; Lulu, a light beigy matte nude; and Happi, a light shimmery pink.


Velvetins Champagne


The next one is called Pink Rose. The colors that come in it are called Lola, a rosy matte nude; Pink Champagne, a baby pink shimmer; and Elle, a medium true nude.




The third one is the Blue Rose velvet-tin. There you have Vibe, a cool toned shimmery dark rose; Cindy, a dark beige nude; and Beet It, a beet colored matte color.


Velvetins Blue


The Fourth velvet-tin is called Fuchsia Rose. Included are Taffeta, a deep shimmery pink; Gigi, a taupy nude; and Posh, a shimmery purple.




And the last one is called Red Rose. In this velvet-tin you get Jingle, a shimmery deep red; Sasha ( J ), a deeper rosy matte nude; and Red Rose, a deep rosy matte red.


Velvetins Red


Here is my opinion of this product. The packaging gets an A+ from me. The Rose shaped tins and the mini lipsticks inside are a perfect gift for anyone. After you use up the lipsticks, you can repurpose the tin for storing jewelry or anything small. If you have never tried a lime crime velvetine, this is a perfect way to try a few of the colors for a very good price. Also, can you say stocking stuffer?

The quality of the liquid lipsticks is up to par to all the other ones that Lime Crime has ever released. I love the Lime Crime liquid lipstick formula. For me, it is extremely comfortable to wear, I don’t feel it on my lips and the color lasts all day. The same can be said about these. Also, the color selection is really good. Each tin has a shimmery and a matte color, and also a nude. The way I like to wear them, if it’s a lighter tin like the Pink Rose or the Champagne Rose, is first apply the nude color and then a little bit of shimmer in the center for an ombre highlighted effect. I also like to mix the different nudes from different tins. My favorite colors are Posh from the Fuchsia Rose tin, Pink Champagne from the Pink Rose tin, Sasha from the Red Rose tin, and Vibe from the Blue Rose tin. However, I really like all the colors and see myself fusing them all up. I consider this a great purchase and I highly recommend these.



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