Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection Review

Sep 15

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection Review

When I saw Kim Kardashian’s makeup at the VMAs, I had to know what was used on her to make the Queen glow. Luckily for me, her makeup artist Mario listed every item that he used on her beautiful face on his Instagram page. For her highlight, he happened to have used Laura Mercier’s illuminating powders. Even better, Laura Mercier was coming out with a quad, which included all four of the shades that she has. Score! The day it was to come out, I was up bright and early refreshing my Sephora page. Finally, it was in my cart and I checked out.

When it arrived two days later, because DUH! I proudly hold the Sephora VIB Rouge status; I could not have been more excited. Finally, I will glow like Kim K. Anyone who sees me will want to know how I got to sparkle like that. How is it that my makeup is so on point? I got my brushes out, I got my game face on, I was ready to shine! Alas, that was not to be….

The Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection  comes with four illuminators in the shades Addiction, Devotion, Seduction, and Indiscretion. Each pan is 0.11 oz.  The packaging is sleek and very well made, which is what one comes to expect from a high-end brand like Laura Mercier. Both the box it comes in and the palette itself are in animal print, which I love!






Finger swatches of the illuminators come out pigmented and buttery. There is barely any fall out or powder kicked up, and they go on the skin of the arm beautifully.



Finger Swatch without a flash



Finger Swatch with a flash


However, when using a brush to apply the product to the face, the result is quite different. The brush kicks up a lot of the product. It’s also not a fine powder but almost tiny little chunks of the illuminator.






When applying to the face, the result is mild at best. I had to use a fixing spray to get to the usual amount of glow that I like. I tried to apply the product with two different brushes, a fan brush and an Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter brush #23. Both produced the same result.

Maybe I’m not using the right tools or I just got a dud, but I was not a happy camper. I do not like to put so much work into my highlighting game. If I have to whip out the fix+ you can bet that this mama already lost interest. I will, however, continue to play with the quad just to say that I gave it a fair chance, but so far I think that it might have to go back. 🙁


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