Huda Beauty – Textured Shadow Palette RoseGold Edition

Nov 07

Huda Beauty –  Textured Shadow Palette RoseGold Edition

I want to take a minute and talk about something that I am obsessed with. So, we all heard about this YouTuber named Huda. Beautiful woman, does amazing tutorials, beauty hacks, and reviews. We also know that she has a line of false lashes and liquid lipsticks…and an eyeshadow palette. Oh My Gosh the eyshadow palette!

First, let me begin by telling you about the ‘little’ adventure we had getting our hands on this palette. When it came out, it was only available in Sephora Dubai and some other sites that do not ship to the US. Daria and I searched high and low, even considering paying the crazy price for it on eBay. We have heard from a few sources that it might be available for us in US Sephora’s sometime in November, but who wanted to take that risk. Finally, Daria located the palette at Harrods. We placed the order and patiently waited. Of course, three days after the order was placed, we found out that the palette will, indeed, be coming to Sephora…Se la vie.

I thought about this palette for a while. I knew it should be a good one, after all someone who is such an amazing beauty guru would not release a bad product. However, I did not anticipate how good it was actually going to be.

This palate, called Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette Rosegold Edition, is available in Sephora for $65 dollars. It comes packaged in a pull of cardboard box that has Huda’s signature eyes on it. The palette itself has a clear cover so you can see the 18 shadows inside.


Huda Beauty


The shadows come in three different finishes, deep matte, 3d Metal and pressed pearls. The deep mattes are called Bossy, a mauve; Flamingo, a darkish pink; Shy, a pinky taupe; Bae, a bone color; Black Truffle, a matte black; Coco, a medium chocolate brown; Maneater, a maroon; Henna, a warm milk chocolate color, and Sandalwood, a warm light brown. The 3D Metals are Dubai, a dark brown; Fling, a maroon; 24K, a true gold; Rose Gold; Trust Fund, a rusty dark orange; and #Blessed, a rich chocolate brown. The pressed pearls include Angelic, which is a rosy pink and Moon Dust, which is a light yellowy pearl color.


Huda Beauty


Huda Beauty


Huda Beauty


Huda Beauty Palette


I like all of the colors in this palette and in my opinion they all perform well. The matte shades are not patchy and very pigmented. The pearls give off a nice sheen and are very creamy and smooth. However, my favorite shades are the 3D Metals. I cannot describe these eyeshadow shades without thinking of magic. I don’t know what Huda did, but these shades are beyond amazing. They are pressed pigments that feel wet like a cream but are not a cream. They give off beautiful pigment, cover the lid in a wonderful layer of liquid metal and there is no fall out or patchiness. They stay on all day and, at least for me, make you feel like a QUEEN. I am completely in love with this palette and I highly recommend you guys run out and #getyousome!




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