About Us

14397859_10153681549065518_62350724_nHi and Welcome To Our Blog! My name is Sasha and I am OBSESSED with anything makeup related. If it’s sparkly, it’s mine. If it’s Limited Edition, Sold! If it’s holiday packaging, I’m the first at the check out line. Sephora is my home away from home. Ulta? I pay their rent.

My love for makeup has no bounds and I want everyone else to enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve always wanted to start a blog and share with everyone all my thoughts on the wonderful, colorful makeup that I got, but something always stopped me. I needed a little nudge and it finally came in the form of my good friend, my partner in crime and a fellow maquillage enthusiast, Daria. We are the ColorAddicts and we love makeup, we love writing about it, and I hope you enjoy our color addiction as much as we do!

Xo, Sasha


dariaMy name is Daria and I LOVE all things beauty and fashion. Eyeshadows and specifically eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. Sasha and I spend many hours of the day. talking about all things makeup and we’ve come to realize that we want to share our love and passion with other people.

Introducing the ColorAddicts!

Xo, Daria