Our 2016 Favorite Products

Jan 06

Our 2016 Favorite Products

As we go into 2017, and because everyone else is doing it, I decided to make a post about my favorites of 2016. Some of these products were born in 2016, and some were not, but all were discovered by me this past year and all of them are amazing. I tried my best to be cute and clever and keep the list to 16, but it’s virtually impossible with the amount of makeup we buy and use, so here are a “few” of my favorite things…

I will begin with the base. When I was going through my stash picking out the products that I used the most this year and loved, I naturally grabbed my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation. I have raved about this baby a few times and I do love it for days when I want something light and quick however, I have found a new love. Now, this baby only came out a few weeks ago and I myself purchased it only a few days ago, but I am OBSESSED. I am talking about the New Infalliable Total Cover by L’Oreal. I cannot begin to describe my love for this foundation. It is a mouse so goes on nice and light, the coverage is out of this world, lasts all day and you can barely feel it on your skin. I have worn it every day since I purchased it and every time it was on my face I have gotten a compliment. I am so happy with this product that my only regret is that L’Oreal didn’t come out with it earlier.




Concealer…this one might be a little redundant as everyone and they’re momma are putting this in their favorites, I’m talking about the Tarte Shape Tape. What can I say about this concealer that hasn’t already been said? All I will mention is that the hype is for a reason. I have tried many, and I mean MANY concealers and the Tarte Shape tape is the best.




Powders. This year I have discovered two that have changed my life. Like everyone, I have been using the Laura Mercier Translucent powder for setting my undereye area and baking. However, I did not like the look at all. I felt like the whole place where I put the powder was looking dry and wrinkly and just gross… Then, about four months ago, I decided to try the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Pressed Powder. GAME CHANGER. I no longer bake under my eyes. All I do is brush a little of the Nars powder on top of my concealer and I’m set.




The second powder that I discover this year is the La Prairie Cellular Treatment loose powder and mine is in translucent 1. This powder is expensive, but it is worth every penny and I will tell you why. It makes the skin look like you are ten years younger. Once you set your foundation with this baby, it’s not going anywhere and, as the day progresses; your face only looks better. This product was definitely a great find and a good investment.

Bronzers for me were easy. I only used two this whole year, so much so that I even hit major pan on one of them. My two favorites are the Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze Bronzing Powder in the shade 20 and the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in the shade 02 Terra. Unfortunately, Make Up For Ever discontinued this bronzer, which I am really upset about because it’s the perfect shade and formula for me. I will dedicate this year to finding a great dupe and I might even try their new bronzer, which I heard is great. The Tom Ford bronzer is the one that I actually used the most. As I mentioned, I hit major pan on this guy and that’s a lot to say because that pan is huge. There is 0.74 oz of product in the container and I think that’s a pretty good deal. I have had this bronzer for almost a year and I have used it almost every day and I am only 1/3 through it. I think at this rate it will take me another two years to use this baby up and that’s a bang for your buck. I love this bronzer because it practically blends it self, the color is perfect and it’s fool proof. No matter how much you put on, you can’t over do it. It’s a warmer bronzer but not warm enough where it makes you look orange. So what I do is, I bronze up my face with Tom Ford and then I slightly contour with the Make Up For Ever bronzer. The face comes out perfectly bronzed and flawless.


Tom Ford


Blush was super easy for me. Though I have used and loved many blushes, only one really stands out and it’s the Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Box o’ Powder Blush. This blush is a perfect color for any look. It’s a mauvy, pinky, peachy hue that has a bit of sheen and looks amazing on every skin tone. It also smells amazing.




Now, 2016 was the year of the highlight. I think companies and people went nuts over making their skin glow and I am not ashamed to say that I am among the masses. I have purchased EVERY highlighter that came out in 2016. When I say every, I mean from every brand, every single one. A lot of them went back because they just didn’t cut it, but most of them found a permanent home in my makeup “collection”. This is why it was so hard for me to pick a favorite and I definitely couldn’t pick just one. However, after some deliberation, I have settled on three, Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Undetectable Luminizer in 02, Estee Lauder in collaboration with Victoria Beckham Highlighter in 01 Mercury and Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. The reason I chose these is because if I were to lose these, I would cry serious crocodile tears. The Make Up For Ever highlighter is gorgeous. It is so beautiful that the first time I put it on I had no words. It melts into your skin, becomes one with it and looks like you were kissed by angels. Estee Lauder is not far behind it. I love this highlighter because it gives the same effect on your face as the MUFE one but it’s a tiny bit darker so I can really only use it in the summer. I really hope that Estee Lauder brings it back and makes this highlighter part of their permanent collection because it is just remarkable. Solstice by Sleek Makeup really surprised me. I ordered it on a whim after I heard a few YouTubers talk about it, but I did not expect it to be so amazing. You get four colors in the compact, one cream and the rest powder and they are all beautiful. The powders give your face that wet shiny look. They look beautiful on the skin and I highly recommend this product. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so affordable.


Makeup Forever


Moving on to the eyes. There were some great products that came out this year and ones that I purchased. Some worthy of a mention are the Natasha Denona Palettes and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, but there are two that have absolutely blown my mind and the ones that I used the most. I am talking about the Viseart eye palette in 07 Cool Mattes and the Huda Beauty Textured Eye Platte in Rose Gold Edition. The Viseart Palette I use literally every day. I either do a full look with this guy, or I pull it out to add a shadow to another palette. Either way, the Viseart Palettes are the best and are really a great investment. The Huda Eye Shadow Palette came out later in 2016 but it has quickly warmed itself into my heart. I love it so much that when my daughter decided to completely destroy it, I was literally crying. I mourned this baby like a lost relative L. The reason why this palette is so great is because it has a great color selection of mattes, shimmers, and foiled pigments and also because the quality of the shadows are amazing. This palette is really an everyday one and if you buy only one this year, I believe this should be it.




For lashes this year I have loved three products, Lancome Cils Booster XL, It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara and the Huda Beauty Lashes in Samantha #7. When I don’t use faslies every day so to make my lashes pop I used the Super Hero mascara in combination with the Lancome Booster. Let me tell ya, my lashes are on FLEEK every time I put on these products. I have gone thru several tubes of each this year and I will continue to use them because they are just that great. The Super hero mascara is the only on that does not flake or smudge on me. In my book, that’s a win win. For those special occasions when I do want to be a little extra with my eye look, I used the Huda Beauty Lashes in the style Samantha. I love that they are super fluffy and look amazing on my eyes. Out of all the lashes that I have I like these the most.

I will skip over lips only because I have used many products this year and they are all wonderful. Instead I will go on all the new tools that I have discovered in 2016. The fist little thingamajig that I will talk about is the Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift. This gadget helps my skin plump up when I use it. In the morning I wash my face, and before I moisturize, I spend five minutes running this all over my face. I feel awake and my face looks plump and gorgeous. As far as brushes go, this year I loved 135 by Mac, the It Cosmetics Angled Buffing Foundation brush, and the Real Techniques setting brush. These brushes are by no means new, but I got them in 2016 and they have changed my makeup game J My foundation and bronzer have never looked so good and I attribute that to these tools.


Nurse Jamie


Last but not least, I will give a shout out to StoryBook Cosmetics. They are a new company and their first product released was a set of brushes the handles of which are wands of different Harry Potter characters. There are two things (things not people) that I love the most in this world and they afe the Harry Potter Saga and makeup. These ladies combined the two. I am obsessed. OBSESSED!




There you go folks, those are all my faves for 2016. I am looking forward to all the new things coming our way in 2017 and I know it will be a wonderful year for The Color Addict!



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